At Sussex Gritting Services our aim is to minimise the effect of freezing conditions giving you piece of mind and assurance that your work premises or home will be gritted and if necessary cleared of snow ready for the morning. Temperatures are closely monitored on a daily basis by our dedicated in-house office team using the latest weather forecasting systems.  If the agreed service activation temperature is recorded our gritting and / or snow clearing teams will be instructed to proceed with the service to your premises. Service activation times are kept to a minimum by our centrally located depot.

About Sussex Gritting Services

Sussex Gritting Services (SGS) currently services commercial properties/parks, private sites and local councils throughout Sussex. Our friendly in house team will be happy to arrange a FREE site visit in order to discuss your requirements.  We work closely with you to provide a tailor made package to suit the individual needs of your business/premises. Following our site visit SGS will discuss your requirements in relation to site access, coverage, timings and temperature activation.

The Law: Workplace and Property Safety

Let SGS take the stress out of winter, enabling your home to be accessible or your business to operate effectively under the required Health & Safety regulations.

By gritting or snow clearing your premises, you are meeting your obligations under Regulation 12(3) of the Workplace (Health Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, which states that reasonable steps need to be taken to avoid the risk of slipping.  You are also meeting your obligations under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 which requires that premises are kept “reasonably safe” for visitors, whether that is a client, neighbour, friend etc.